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Dr. Sabelis’ Blog

Welcome to the official blog of Sturbridge Orthodontics and Dr. Ferdinand Sabelis. We like to keep prospective and current patients in the information loop, and this is one way of accomplishing that goal.

Please visit our blog periodically to learn about practice-related news, fun contests, and news about technological advancements in the orthodontic field.

Let us know if there is a particular topic you would like us to address here on the blog and we will add it to our editorial calendar.

10 Orthodontic Facts About Invisalign

The Invisalign brand of orthodontic aligners have become as common a household name as Kleenex and Netflix. But aside from the name and the general concept, what do you really know about this modern alternative to traditional braces? One popular Sturbridge orthodontist has created this 10-point factsheet to provide more insight into the world of…

The Best Age to Visit the Orthodontist

Orthodontic treatment can be helpful and appropriate at any age, from the early elementary years to well into the Golden Years. But is there an ideal age for getting braces or a similar orthodontic procedure? One Sturbridge orthodontist sheds some light on the subject: Ages 7-9 This is the age of early intervention when the…

5 Tips and Tricks for Anyone with Braces

If you have ever had braces, then you know that it takes a little time to adjust to the challenges that life with braces can bring. If you’ve never had braces, and are thinking of getting them for the first time, don’t let the horror stories scare you away. Orthodontists in Sturbridge say that these…

Orthodontic Problems and Hidden Health Risks

Crooked or poorly aligned teeth can threaten the health of any child or adult. That’s why, the way that the teeth fit together is more than a cosmetic issue, and without treatment, the problems can eventually harm your overall health. One top orthodontist in Sturbridge shines light on the hidden health risks that are associated…

What Language Does the Orthodontist Speak?

If you have spoken to a Sturbridge orthodontist about braces recently, but found yourself confused by all of the jargon, there’s no need to worry. Here’s a list of the most common orthodontic terms and their definitions so that you’ll be able to speak the same language as your orthodontist on your next visit. Brackets:…

Better Orthodontic Results through Music

As a musician with a long-time passion for 1980s rock, Dr. Sabelis isn’t just the most unique orthodontist in Sturbridge—he might also be among the smartest. That’s because he understands that music isn’t just about cool sounds, studies show that music also offers some pretty incredible dental health benefits as well. If you are about…
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